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This stump sits on the edge of the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal, just north of Rehoboth Bay.
This view of Rehoboth Bay looks west from the channel markers for the Rehoboth Bay Sailing Association, just south of Dewey Beach, in mid-September 2005.  
We have some significant ocean fog here, whenever there's a warm spell in mid-winter. This view looks north along the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk during one of those days.
The Broadkill River connects Lewes to Milton, on a meandering fifteen-mile path before reaching a dam spillway in the middle of Milton's tiny downtown. The trip would be only seven miles for a crow flying very, very straight.
Many of the marshlands along Route One are infested with phragmites. It's pretty enough during midwinter, as in this scene along the Broadkill River, but it's also a noxious foreign weed that crowds out other grasses that are far better marsh habitat.

A rolling flock of seagulls keeps close behind a farm tractor disking up a field along Route One near Milton in March 2006. They love the fresh worms and other bugs.


An early fall morning at Bald Eagle Lagoon, just off of East Side Drive near Rehoboth Beach, at the north end of Rehoboth Bay.

View of Bald Eagle Lagoon, Rehoboth Bay, October 5 2006


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