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  Along the Way--a photoblog

  This part of the site is a photoblog.

Most of these photographs were taken during my daily commute to and from work along a 41-mile stretch of Kent and Sussex Counties in Delaware.

Pictures of Delaware scenes taken elsewhere will also be posted here.

Each picture has a short description accompanying it, for those curious about what they're seeing.

Another downstate blogger, Mike Mahaffie, inspired this addition by his fine collection of Delaware photographs, which you can see here.



This is Waples Pond, near Milton, Delaware.
State Route One crosses it near the pond's eastern edge.
I usually stick to Route One on my way to work.
On one morning in November 2003, however, I had to go another route.
While crossing a small creek to the west of Barretts Chapel, the fog was just light enough to see some bright red leaves on the bushes and trees edging the water.

After the soybean harvest in the fall, the farm fields south of Milford are visited by umpteen thousand snow geese, stopping by on their way south.
I went to the December 2003 official opening of the new trail between Lewes and Rehoboth that runs along the old railroad right-of-way between the two towns. This view looks east from one of the glades that the trail crosses, using the former railroad bridge.
A snowstorm made the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk match colors with the seafoam from the nearby waves.
A midwinter view east of Route One, about an hour after sunrise.
On some early winter mornings, the water temperature on Waples Pond is warmer than the air, producing light fog over the water.
Route One crosses several rivers and tidal creeks between Dover and Lewes. This one is in Kent County, near a hamlet called Little Heaven.
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