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April 15, 2007
Three ways

So this weekend we went to New York City to see a few shows.

We tried three different ways to buy the tickets for these Broadway offerings, and each method worked fine.

Buying online was easiest, using a few days ahead of time to obtain seats for the April 13 evening performance of Monty Python's Spamalot. There's a sizeable handling premium charged, however, for the assurance that you will absolutely see exactly what you want.

If you're less focused on a particular show, then try the TKTS outlets, which worked well for us again this year. In the last few hours before the scheduled performances, show tickets are offered at discounts usually running between 25% and 65%. We joined several hundred other Broadway fans at a little past 10 o'clock Saturday morning, in a fast-moving line at the temporary TKTS outlet at the Marriott Marquis, just off Times Square. Being patient paid off nicely, in the form of half-price orchestra seats for the Saturday matinee of Prelude to a Kiss.

Later that afternoon, we tried once again to buy tickets to see the evening showing of Wicked, which is doing boffo box office, as they say. We tried last year without success, and someone was a bit more determined than she was then.

With time on our hands and the TKTS option remaining for some other show if it didn't pan out, at about 5 o'clock we joined a few other folks in the cancellation line. This is an option I didn't really know existed before this weekend.

It was easy enough, if a little bit of a gamble. At some point in the early evening before the show's start, the box office would open up and offer for re-sale whatever tickets had been cancelled or turned back in for that night's show. There's no discounting, with the full face value charged for the sought-after tickets--and there are no guarantees about how many cancelled tickets will be offered, of course.

Fortunately, we were among the first dozen folks in the line, and bought two center orchestra seats eight rows back.

And while I can agree that there was some expense involved, I can also suggest that all three shows were well worth it.

April 8, 2007
Shameless promotion

This afternoon I posted my newest golf book review at Hole By Hole.

Tom Wishon and Tom Grundner's The Search for the Perfect Driver is a sequel to the pair's previous bestseller, The Search for the Perfect Golf Club.

Thankfully, this second effort is the near-equal of the first.


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